The Game Changer for Small Insurance Agencies: AWS Artifact and Our Journey to HIPAA Compliance


As the Co-Founder of Senior Healthcare Direct, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of ensuring our business complies with HIPAA regulations. Back in 2012, we had to prove to Aetna, Anthem, Humana, and UHC auditors that our processes were HIPAA compliant before we could sell their MAPD products over the phone. The journey was stressful and complicated, but it taught us valuable lessons about the importance of robust IT infrastructure. Today, we want to share with you how AWS Artifact, a game-changing service from Amazon Web Services, could have made our lives much easier and enabled us to focus on growing our business.

The Struggle for Compliance:

In the early days of Senior Healthcare Direct, we were a small startup with limited resources, and setting up a HIPAA compliant infrastructure was a daunting task. We had to create our own mini data center to store recorded calls securely and ensure that failed hard drives wouldn’t impact our data storage. At the time, cloud technologies were in their infancy, and full-scale data centers were beyond our budget. We had to invest significant time, effort, and money into building systems and generating reports to demonstrate compliance to auditors.

Enter AWS Artifact: 

Fast forward to today, and we have AWS Artifact, a service that would have saved us countless hours and headaches. AWS Artifact provides a library of documents that show evidence of AWS’s security and compliance practices, including audit reports, compliance certifications, and agreements tailored to businesses subject to HIPAA regulations, like Senior Healthcare Direct and other insurance agencies.

Imagine your Medicare insurance agency as a house, and HIPAA regulations as the building codes you must follow. AWS Artifact is like a set of blueprints and inspection reports that show your house is built according to the codes. By using AWS services covered under their Business Associate Addendum (BAA), we can trust that AWS is handling sensitive data in a compliant manner. Vendor management is how we would have used AWS Artifact and it would have made a significant difference in our business had we been able to access and use these reports, as opposed to creating the systems and reports ourselves from scratch.

How AWS Artifact Could Have Changed Our Story:

If AWS Artifact had been available to us in 2012, our journey to HIPAA compliance would have looked quite different. Instead of spending our resources on setting up a mini data center and creating custom reports, we could have leveraged AWS Artifact to provide auditors and vendor partners with evidence of our compliant infrastructure. This would have allowed us to focus more on lead generation and invest in specific business goals related to insurance sales and marketing, which would have allowed us to reach profitability much sooner. As small business owners know all too well, time and money are commonly in short supply and allowing AWS to do undifferentiated heavy lifting regarding HIPPA compliance can free up business owners to focus on areas of the business that create value, like sales and marketing.

In addition, AWS Artifact would have been invaluable for training our employees on best practices for maintaining HIPAA compliance when using AWS services. Regular risk assessments and vendor management would have been streamlined, ensuring that we could maintain a secure and compliant foundation for our business.


The world of technology has come a long way since 2012, and AWS Artifact is a testament to that progress. As a small insurance agency, being able to use AWS and services like AWS Artifact would have saved us time, effort, and money, allowing us to focus on what truly matters: providing the best possible Medicare insurance solutions to our clients. With AWS Artifact now at all agencies disposal, we can all confidently build a better, more secure future for our clients and our business.

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